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Annie Clark photographed by Beth Herzhaft

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Beauty Blunders

Laura Callaghan
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well, this was fucking great



"My dog hates having his picture taken." -lawsonj123

stephaninnies I want to say this is Bruiser, but I also think Bruiser was just like the third picture at all times.

Omg so scary. Him and brusier are brothers

I need to move out and just keep to myself because living with sick family members means all I do when I’m home is take care of them and I just want to lay down and sleep like the selfish asshole I am.

I’ve got to say, this Kim K game has really inspired me to take a step back and give a second thought about my aesthetic.

I’ve been tagged in a few of the 6 selfie posts and you are all beautiful itvhurts my eyes. I however do not have many good selfies so we’ll see.

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Prefect summer dress over on my Esty shop buy buy buy!✨💕✨


Prefect summer dress over on my Esty shop buy buy buy!✨💕✨


I know this is going to sound crazypants but I am fairly certain I met this doge with stephaninnies and hammalama at yappy hour like 3 years ago

he kept humping the little dogs and then steph made fun of me for mispronouncing Seamus (like sorry I never heard the name said out loud because I only read it in Harry Potter you classless bitch)

He was the bear on the boardwalk just walking right up to people as they were eating. I am 100% certain that we know this dog.

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Me & bae at the club for a date~

Me & bae at the club for a date~

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